Jim Carrey is a Painter!

Jim Carrey is awesome, we all know that, right? For some maybe a little complicated in recent years, for some maybe a little out of this world, but anyway, the person knows what he’s talking about, believe me. He has experienced a lot, he has experienced fame, glory but also a lot of pain and several really difficult situations. He is funny, but also a thinker, really clever and empathetic person… and among it all, he is a painter! Quite odd, quite imaginative and bit crazy, anyway, very playful and ultimately a really good, fascinating painter.

Slide below to check some of his cool pieces, including Jesus Portrait, sick (anti)Trump political cartoons and much more.

Also check this cool short documentary by David Bushell:

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color


  1. They aren’t bad, but neither are they really good. He could use a little training. But I like that he’s really going for it, and maybe he’ll surprise me. But these have an amateur look about them. That’s just my opinion. I think he’s got a lot of potential.


    1. They are definitely distinctive… and I kinda like that amateur look to be honest – there is enough of the sincerity and straightforwardness that for example children’s drawings have. I think the most valuable thing in those works is Jim’s perception, the technique is secondary … in any case, these are works that are worth discussing.

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      1. Cool. I suppose it’s just that as a comedian he’s off the charts brilliant, so, one might have higher expectations of his art than for others. Rarely is someone amazing in more than one field.

        Well, I’m glad he’s making the paintings, and I do like them. I also like Stallone’s paintings. Less so George W. Bush’s paintings.


  2. Stallone’s painting are really good, I was quite surprised when I saw his stuff couple years ago… Hopkins is also interesting, but I like only some. But I do love Marilyn Manson’s watercolors and some McCartney pieces when talking about celebrities


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